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At JKE Enterprises, LLC in Capitol Heights, Maryland, we address your income tax and notary concerns in the most efficient manner. You can count on us to work as quickly as possible without missing any important details or sacrificing the quality of our services.

Allow us to put our skills to work for you. When you employ our team, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that you will receive the help you need.

Our Professional Services:

  • Notary Public: State of Maryland
  • Income Tax Preparation (See 2019 Fee Schedule Below): E-filing service is available

Income Tax Preparation Fee Schedule – 2019 Tax Year

(Fees are effective for tax preparation during the 2019 tax year.)

2019 Individual

1040 (Standard Deduction)

$137.00 (Includes 1st State - e.g., 502/503 Maryland)

1040 (Itemized Deductions - Sch. A&B)

$167.00 (Includes 1st State - e.g., 502/503 Maryland)









4562, 2441, 4684, 2106


EIC (e.g., DC, MD)




Federal Worksheets (Each)


2019 - State (e.g., Maryland)





Maryland and DC Worksheets (Each)


D-40 SUB


Extension of Time to File


Amended returns

(Fees for additional forms may apply - e.g., prior year returns, etc.)


4506, 4506T



2019 Taxes Research Fee


Scanning and Documentation Fee

$20.00 – $40.00

For more information about tax laws, please visit the website of the Internal Revenue Service or schedule a consultation with our certified public accountant.

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